21/06/13 CRTC, no longer for sale? Read the article
14/03/13 When You Can Say Nothing, Video It Read
30/03/13 The Tyee: Paywalls work. Read the article
20/02/13 Public Benefits or Private? Read the article
30/01/13 The Tyee: Media Wars in Paradise Read
06/12/12 Student paper wins Ossie awards Read
04/12/12 Optimistic about newspaper survival Listen
15/11/12 Letter to IB: The Fourth Estate stoush Read
09/11/12 USP Journalism's gala Awards Night Watch
04/11/12 Who/what is Qorvis Communications? Read
31/10/12 Last day of Media Law and Ethics Class pic
15/10/12 Islands Business injects some sanity Read
13/09/12 Sorry Genius, the Sky Is Not Falling Read
09/09/12 Fiji TV's Close Up Part I Part II Part III
07/09/12 Wansolwara 17(4) USP newspaper PDF
07/09/12 Lift media standards, says academic Read
05/09/12 Media and Democracy symposium Watch
10/08/12 AEJMC paper: Not Dead Yet Read here
09/08/12 Yes, Conrad Black, You're a Crook Read
21/06/12 Acting Dean at Mandarin grad See pics
15/06/12 A USP marketing trip to Tonga See pics
25/05/12 French Government supports USP Read
07/05/12 Wansolwara 17(2) USP newspaper PDF
05/05/12 Much cause to celebrate Read my speech
04/05/12 World Press Freedom Day @ USP Watch
26/04/12 PINA critcised for stifling dissent Listen
05/04/12 Pacific Islands News Association See pics
13/02/12 Deciphering the latest decree Watch here
13/02/12 The Dark Side of the Vancouver Sun Read
30/01/12 My 10 favorite newspaper films Listed
27/01/12 The best accommodation in town Read it
26/01/12 About Canada: Media Read review
11/11/11 USP journalism awards night Watch story
06/10/11 Censorship vs. self-censorship Read paper
09/09/11 Marc interviewed on Fiji TV Watch video
03/09/11 Tailor-made for Fiji Read column
27/08/11 Professor warns media officers Read story
05/08/11 Going native for USP Open Day See pic
11/4/11 A message to Am-Can poolies Read it here
17/03/11 University of the South Pacific See pics
25/01/11 Asking the "why" question Read letter
07/01/11 A Fellow of the Reynolds Center See pics
16/09/10 Retirement dinner for Pat Ziegler See pics
27/11/08 Marc goes to the Cowboys game See pics
11/07/08 A driving tour of New Zealand. See pics
15/03/08 Marc goes to the Canucks game. See pics
15/9/06 A cruise with John Jensen See pics
19/8/05 Markenurh cruises to Port Hardy See pics
29/4/05 The reviews are in for RLBLBL Click here
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1/8/04 Marc's new book is on pro hockey Preview
24/5/04 Marc reviews Hidden Agendas Read
14/2/04 “An enduring success story" Read
16/12/03 “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Read
5/12/03 “Professionalism versus pragmatism.” Read
18/7/03 SCI kicks off another year See pics
8/7/03 Markenurh cruises Sunshine Coast See pics
24/6/03 Markenurh finally launched See pics
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5/7/02 Markenurh painted, prettied See pics
3/7/02 Marc blows the whistle on Logan Read here
11/6/02 Marc's reply rejected by Sun Read it here
7/6/02 Markenurh's refit continues apace See pics
10/5/02 World Media Economics Conference Pics
6/5/02 Marc hits Swinging London View See pics
6/5/02 Marc's dissertation best of year Read letter

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